Liberty Journey - Flow Magazine

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Create a print and digital fashion photo story for an independent magazine, exploring the physical and mental benefits of outdoor exercise and the environmental benefits of re-wearing, re-using and upcycling.


This photo story produced for Flow Magazine, titled Liberty Journey, explores the relationship between mental health and the natural world. As the protagonist deepens her relationship with nature, going from urban environments to greener more open environments, she becomes healthier and starts to evolve and sprout her own flowers. Illustrations and running poetry paired with the images brings to life themes of unrest and breaking free, the embodiment of the mutualistic relationship between people and nature.

Roles within creative team:

· Photographer 
· Art Director 
· Illustrator 
· Post-Production Artist 
· Layout Designer 
· Mock Up Artist


“Your outcome is of professional standard. It’s one of the best examples of mixed media imagery I’ve seen.”
- Matt Gill, Lecturer, and founder of RIP Zine

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Final magazine and digital mock up

Final design and mockup