Air Veritas - Fighting Fast Fashion with TSPTR


Create, publish and exhibit a printed and digital zine to connect with and grow TSPTR’s younger female audience using an activism-related theme.


A zine collection for TSPTR which presents a fictional airline named ‘Air Veritas’, beginning with a guide on how to avoid overpacking (alluding to the issue of over consumption). This leads to an in-flight emergency and safety guide, contrasting the harsh reality of fast fashion impacts with the upper-class lifestyle of the West, the plane acting as a metaphor for the uncomfortable truth. Presenting a serious issue through a 50s airline and sarcastic narrative/lense.


“I really enjoy this zine, the overall aesthetic is definitely in line with the brand ethos and you’ve subverted the source images very well. The tone is great and the zine narrative of ethical manufacturing is certainly something that concerns us at TSPTR. I think it’s a very successful piece of work.”
- Russ Gater


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